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Election Update: 1st June 2024

Over the weekend, I officially launched my general election campaign in Bristol South.


It’s an honour to be standing again as Labour’s parliamentary candidate, and I’m determined to keep fighting for a better future for people locally. 


During the campaign, I’m looking forward to speaking to as many voters as possible, and have already had some great conversations with constituents about the challenges they currently face and Labour’s plans for national renewal. 


This weekend, I also spent time supporting Labour’s fantastic candidates in nearby seats, joining teams in Swindon and Filton & Bradley Stoke. We’re working hard for every vote, as winning these seats from the Tories will be vital to get the change in government our country needs. 


On 4th July, it’s time to turn the page on 14 years of Conservative failure, and elect a Labour government to build a better Britain.


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